University Challenge


Trinity College Dublin this evening.

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21 thoughts on “University Challenge

      1. ABM

        It’s not about me (or ABM) though. That article is an excellent insight into the mindset of 21st century “students”.

  1. Richard

    Just checked his Twitter @skearon was there alright!

    Dick Roach advisor – and his LinkedIn page says he went to UCD so he did, must have been passing on his way to the Dart.

  2. Columbo's Missus

    I see Stephen Kearon there. Since when is he a student? Also, was he picketing churches and Bishops Palaces during the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal?

  3. Jason Lambert

    ah Stephen Kearon FF in the line up,He couldnt care less about MC, she’s a tool for his his blind hatred towards Sinn Féin

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