FAI chief executive John Delaney

Whether it’s right or it’s wrong,
To get tipsy and sing an auld song,
You’d think they’d know better,
Than to send a letter,
From lawyers that’s worded too strong.

John Moynes


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11 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. epson aculaser c100

    got a skinup of him up the hellfire back in 92
    handshake was weak
    take from that what you will

  2. Bingo

    A big fuss over nothing. If it was Jimmy the plumber from Ringend singing that song in the pub, then no one would say anything.
    He’s a football admin guy. Not the President.

  3. Rugbfan

    association football clown.

    of course he will still be in the position in a year’s time.
    nobody ever resigns in this country on account of inappropriate behaviour.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Do you really believe that engaging in a sing-song after a few pints is “inappropriate behaviour”?

      1. Rugbfan

        probably not but certainly believe that if the CEO of the FA or IFA starting singing songs that could potenially
        offend they would be uproar!

  4. deliverancecountry

    Ahh, would thus be from the Center For Limericks That Don’t Scan Good and Maybe Wanna Learn How To Clickbait Too?
    Spot-on I say!

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