For Your Consideration: Is Maith Liom Class



Irish Language comedy.

No wait, come back a chara.

Malachy McKeever writes:

I’m part of a new sketch group from Cavan/Dublin called LinceCraic. Here is our latest sketch. It’s an Irish language one we shot in Club Conradh na Gaeilge

Written by Malachy McKeever, shot by John McKeown, Starring Malachy, David Reilly, Darren Lynch and Jenny McGovern.

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5 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Is Maith Liom Class

  1. Ultach

    Then again, maybe it is me. Being a gwayligoer i’m off my tits on state-subsidised potcheen most of the time and can’t remember. Must have done it when I was up in Dubbalinn on me last self-righteous protesht for free thranlshations of EU fishing quotas. By the by, the Conradh na Gaeilge bar sells Mogerly Pies. The in-joke being that Mogerley sounds a bit like mugairlí, the Irish word for testicles. We’re a right laugh. *Slaps thigh, howls and squeezes uilleann pipe*

  2. Dav

    Not to be “an fear sin” but:

    na dánta = poems
    na dána = arts

    Been berated for that too many times meself to let it slide. Altogether though, a well observed piece!

    1. Ultach

      My fave bit was the placename Newtown whatever whatever Kennedy. And the other placeneme, ocaide bocaide or something like that.

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