Karl’s Irish iPhone App Of The Day: Childline Santa Finder


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Dannielle from Showoff writes:

We saw in the media that Childline were in trouble regarding funding so we thought that we might be able to help somehow. Based on the success of our 99 Finder app, we decided to alter that product and turn it into a “Santa Finder”.

Users can locate the nearest Santa’s Grotto, rate it by giving Santa candy canes, and add Santa Snaps which they can then share through social media.

The main function of the app, however, is to encourage donations to a good cause. Users can easily donate through the app via SMS. We had fun creating the product and we hope plenty of people have fun using it, but most importantly that it helps to raise a good bit of money for Childline.

The app is available now for FREE on the Apple App Store.

You can donate €4 by texting ‘Childline’ to 57911 or donate online at savechildline24.ie.

Do you have an Irish app (especially an Android one)? Let us know: Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

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9 thoughts on “Karl’s Irish iPhone App Of The Day: Childline Santa Finder

      1. Mani

        Are you saying if it’s for charity it’s beyond reproach? Great. I can tell Clamper’s ma that my ’12 erotic days of Christmas’ is in aid of the Vincent de Paul. Might gain more traction and get her into that latex reindeer suit.

        1. wake

          A free app that’s highlighting an existing charity SMS number – fair play to them.

          They’re not making any money directly – they’ll get kudos and a better profile for thinking of it and putting the effort in to get it out there but that’s deserved.

          If want to use the credit from your charitable act for latex adventures then work away – just make sure only the charity benefits financially.

          Ho ho ho.

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