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From top Girls Aloud at the first Cheerio Childline Concert at The Point in 2003; from left: Gill Waters, Fundraising Director of the ISPCC; John Church, CEO of the ISPCC; Aisling Curran, Associate Marketing Manager of Nestle Cereals Ireland; and Jennifer Walsh, Commercial Planning and Marketing Manager of Nestlé Cereals Ireland

How much?

Ian Collins writes:

Nestlé Cereals Ireland and ISPCC Childline celebrated the success of the Cheerios Childline 16 year partnership, which in its final year brings total funds raised to a phenomenal €7.724 million for ISPCC Childline.

With thanks to Cheerios support, Childline, Ireland’s only 24-hour listening service for children and young people, answered its 7 millionth call in 2018.

The partnership commenced in 2003 with the sponsorship of the Cheerios Childline Concerts, which welcomed national and international superstars to Dublin over 11 years and saw a huge €5.34 million raised for Childline.

In fairness.


santa_finder santa_finder_map santa_finder_list

Dannielle from Showoff writes:

We saw in the media that Childline were in trouble regarding funding so we thought that we might be able to help somehow. Based on the success of our 99 Finder app, we decided to alter that product and turn it into a “Santa Finder”.

Users can locate the nearest Santa’s Grotto, rate it by giving Santa candy canes, and add Santa Snaps which they can then share through social media.

The main function of the app, however, is to encourage donations to a good cause. Users can easily donate through the app via SMS. We had fun creating the product and we hope plenty of people have fun using it, but most importantly that it helps to raise a good bit of money for Childline.

The app is available now for FREE on the Apple App Store.

You can donate €4 by texting ‘Childline’ to 57911 or donate online at savechildline24.ie.

Do you have an Irish app (especially an Android one)? Let us know: Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

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