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frmolloySunday Times article-2

Fr Niall Molloy (top) and last weekend’s Irish Sunday Times 


Bill Maher a nephew of Fr Niall Molloy, writes:

My family were shocked this Sunday to read an article in the Irish Sunday Times headed “review finds no cover-up in Molloy case”. This is not the first time information has been leaked to the media. The family have already reported a previous article to GSOC who held an investigation over three months. The investigation came to an end when the GSOC said the reporter in question would neither confirm or deny that he had written the article in question. Despite the fact that the article appeared in a national Sunday paper.
Last Sunday’s article article maintains that Dominic McGinn SC’s report ” has concluded there is no evidence to support allegations of a cover-up. This report is highly confidential and is at present with the Minister for Justice who is in in consultations with the Attorney General on it’s contents. The family only heard that the report was actually finished when we read about it on Broadsheet..  Neither the Minister or her Department kept the Molloy family up to date on the progress of the report which was to have finished before the end of the summer.
We had written numerous letters to the Minister requesting a meeting with her prior to the findings of the report being made public.
The Minister has not agreed to meet us. She has however been very fast to meet with Mairia Cahill to discuss her case which happened in another jurisdiction. The Taoiseach who also will not meet with us has also met with Mairia Cahill
The Fr Molloy case is probably one of the most high profile cases in the Republic for the past 29 years. In fact it made world headlines when my Uncle Fr Molloy was found beaten to death in Clara, Co. Offaly 29 years ago.
My family are deeply insulted at recent developments, leaks to the media and a failure of the Minister for Justice to give us an update on Mr McGinn’s review.

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36 thoughts on “The Last To Know

  1. les rock

    cover up from start to finish. As Veronica Guerin said “this will rock the state to its very foundations”. Strange how anyone connection had an early life or end prison. The current government are close to the end, if the true findgs came out, no one would have a career left.

    1. Am I Still on this Island.

      Guerin was a tabloid hack who said a lot of rubbish. Who are the people involved? Just hint at their names or seniority.

      1. les rock

        its well known a former presidential candidate was there that night. His son is no longer around either

        1. Am I Still on this Island.

          Ah, I get you. Thanks. Ok, we’ll they’re both dead. Any one else who’s living?

        2. Buzz

          Why all the secrecy, you’re talking about Brian Lenihan. He wasn’t a suspect as far as I know and he had more than one son.

        3. Suspendered Animation

          No need to be so coy, it’s no secret (reported in newspapers, most recently in the Sun) that Brian Lenihan senior was at the wedding, although it has always been denied that anyone other than Mr and Mrs Flynn, Fr Molloy and an old bedridden aunt were in the house at the time of the killing.

          1. Buzz

            Post mortem showed Fr Molloy died from a series of violent blows to the head. Would a woman have had the strength to deliver those blows?

          2. Buzz

            Ok, keep your hair on. I just remember trying to inflict injury on my bro back in the day and he said it was like being attacked by a kipper. Then again, there’s Katie Taylor.

          3. Soundings

            “Would a woman have had the strength to deliver those blows?” ask Katie Taylor but I’d stay a few arms-length reaches away from her if I were you.

          4. Am I Still on this Island.

            But who is the finger of suspicion on now? People that are living, not dead people.

  2. Panty Christ

    I really hope the stolen file that cahill returned was copied and stored and will eventually be released

  3. Formerly known as

    Another whitewash. I hope the victim’s family achieve justice before the guilty reach old age.

  4. Soundings

    Bottom line on Fr Molloy is he was killed and the Gardai can’t gather enough information to charge anyone. As I understand it, a number of people *could* have killed Fr Molloy, but “could” isn’t enough for a conviction and it’s notoriously difficult to secure a conviction when a number of people could have committed a crime and they’re related (that’s one reason why organised crime organisations are so successful)

    As for Veronica Guerin, please, she was the 1990s equivalent of Paul Williams. Tragedy that she was killed, but would we be lionising her so much today if she was still alive, and especially if she worked at that rag, the Sindo?

  5. JimmytheHead

    to sum up:

    wealthy person is friends with priest. priest inherits money/goods. wealthy person is jealous and murders him. big cover up, media gets bored so swept under carpet. wealthy person gets money/goods and no criminal charges filed.

    the end……..?

    1. SB

      In an entirely unrelated question, who inherited from Fr. Molloy, or otherwise materially benefited? Surely these are basic public-domain facts that can be stated?

      1. JimmytheHead

        would love to find out. im guessing there was a loophole regarding the priest not having a next of kin or something similar. remember reading the whole transcript a while back and being absolutely disgusted

    2. delacaravanio

      There was something about co-ownership of a horse, and suggestions of an affair between the priest and the matriarch of the family.

      The inquest jury (after the trial farce) ruled the death as unlawful killing.

  6. bisted

    …Niall Molloy was a catholic priest and as such, was a member of the most powerful institution in the State. The catholic church has been exposed as an institution that will go to any lengths to protect itself. If Niall Molloys family want the truth they should ask Diarmuid Martin or Sean Brady.

    1. Suspendered Animation

      Protect itself. The institution. Not necessarily its individual members. The reason the Church covered up for paedophile priests was because of the scale of paedophilia within the Church, it was a pandora’s box which if opened would spill out everything. Not because of concern for individual paedophile priests. It was all about the retention of power. Not sure that makes it any better, worse even. The institution of the Church had nothing to be gained from a murder trial into Fr Molloy’s death, and potentially something to lose – if there was some kind of scandal associated with his death for instance. So they went along with the cover-up.

  7. TK ickle

    Is it true under Irish law that a mans wife cannot testify against him? Or be made too?

    Something along those lines?

    Where’s Legal coffee drinker when I need him/her?!

      1. (Off-Duty) Legal Coffee Drinker

        You’re thinking of Graham Greene’s ‘Brighton Rock’, where Pinkie marries Rose for that very reason.

        Things have moved on a bit since then.

        The general rule is that a spouse cannot be compelled by the prosecution to testify against their spouse. They can however choose to do so.

        In exceptional cases, involving an offence of violence against the spouse, a child of the spouse or a person under 18 years (previously 17 and now increased to 18) the spouse can be compelled to testify for the prosecution: Section 22 of the Criminal Evidence Act 1992, read it here:-

        The rules on spouses testifying against their spouse are laid

        1. TK ickle

          Thanks Legal Coffee Drinker (Off Duty!)

          I only asked as a bird in a tree one morning told me a story a few weeks ago about a case where a person who took “the fall” did so as their spouse couldn’t be made testify.

          I wasn’t sure if it was “never” or basically against their free will, which you have clarified.

          Obviously this has nothing to do with the Fr Niall Molloy case.


          The bird was from Clara though, which is an amazing coincidence.

  8. Anne

    I can’t understand why this family are being treated so badly.

    If I was Mairia Cahill, I’d have nothing to do with those shower of f*cking gangsters in the Dail.
    I don’t care if she’s using them, as much as they’re using her.
    They’re only interested in meeting with anyone, if it’s self serving to them.

    Really shocking treatment of Fr.Molloy’s family.

    1. The Lady Vanishes

      There are a number of reasons why this family, through no fault of theirs or their own, could be being treated badly.

      1. The stone they are trying to raise threatens (not necessarily in the sense that they are the murderer,but i the sense that it would cause them embarrassment) people who are very well connected, either
      a. by linking them to the events of that night, even peripherally, or
      b. by linking them to a cover-up of that event.
      2. Just general laziness, selfishness and ‘they’re just a nuisance’ attitude on the part of the current regime.

      Probably a bit of both, or maybe started out as 1. and is now becoming 2.

      1. Anne


        It’s nothing short of contempt.

        At least have the decency to meet them, instead of this absolute horsesh*te of leaking confidential information to the media, of which when complaints are made regarding that, nothing is done.

        How this family are being treated is just not acceptable to any right thinking person.

      1. Anne

        Well, you replied to the wrong comment then.

        When I say ‘understand’, as in ‘ I can’t understand why this family are being treated so badly’ I mean ‘understand’ in terms of having a tolerant attitude. (not having that, in this case)

        I think it’s obvious I’m not talking of comprehensive understanding.

        Why am I explaining this sh*t to you Ben?

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