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Do you like The Lonely Beast?

James Kelleher writes:

We’re donating all proceeds from sales of our Lonely Beast apps this week (8th-15th December) to Temple Street Children’s Hospital. My daughter spent a week on the neonatal ward in Temple Street last year. It’s pretty terrifying to have a child that young in hospital, especially as first-time parents, but the staff were incredible. Full of humanity, unbelievably dedicated and professionally curious, they went out of their way to look after the families as well as the children affected by illness. So this is our tiny gesture of thanks.

The three apps available are:
The Lonely Beast ABC
The Lonely Beast 123
The Lonely Beast: Letters & Numbers

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5 thoughts on “Temple Street Beast

  1. maccers

    Darn! I have both already, little one loves them and thanks for creating these. But she’s been in Temple St as well and can’t agree more with what you say here, will drop something to them.

  2. donkey kong

    bought this yesterday – both ABC and 123.
    We have not had such fun in ages. Young lad wet himself laughing so much at the pig in the cabinet in number 2.

    super cool apps.

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