18 thoughts on “Xmas Greetings

  1. collynomial

    Was going to snark, but “Gerry Christmas and a Mary Lou Year” is the best pun I’ve read in a long while.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    Gerry Christmas and Mary Lou Year…. I see the Shinner recruitment rally for The Paedophile Protectors Party is in full swing.

    Lock up your childer or have them buggered by a Shinner!

    *wink and a thumbs up!*

    A Shinner sponsored Paedo coming to a town near you!

    1. One Dub

      Put a clamp on it, Clampers.
      We heard you the last time.

      I’m gonna steal that line and print meself a t-shirt. Xmas clothes – Sorted!

    2. Frilly Keane

      I reckon the Inchycore Bluebell Shinners have taken over Crampers James’ Stree Residents Association.

      It musta been that lovely logo that attracted then Cramp

  3. Peter Murtagh

    Broadsheet used to be good – enjoyable actually – that is before it became a fawning cheerleader for those who blocked up our city today and caused endless hours of traffic for the ordinary people who were at work bringing this country out of the mire. Never forget the silent majority. They were at their desks today. The proliferation of Irish-Water Protest related nonsense on this site is sad to see. No wonder other Irish websites are roaring ahead.

    1. One Dub

      …or were stuck in work and couldn’t attend.

      This protest will only serve to make the next one bigger.
      …and there’s nothing the likes of you can do or say about that.

  4. The super

    Haha the party who fought for our catholic brothers are rocking the posters too, that can’t be a coincidence, meant to be…..

  5. grumpyoldman

    Peaceful protest is a treasured activity which allows people to express a point of view that otherwise might not be heard.
    A little flurry of snow would cause more traffic disruption, so keep things in proportion.

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