Aladdin Wings It


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Utter chancer, the spectacularly named and coiffed Aladdin Lee Grant Rutledge Collar sez:

I volunteered to be the student for a sword dancing lesson on a Fox Morning Show. When we entered the studio, there was no communication, and the hosts just threw to music. Here I am, shirtless, in a turban, making up a dance on live TV. I have never belly danced before.


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13 thoughts on “Aladdin Wings It

  1. Grouse

    I still have traumatic memories from being dropped in front of TV cameras as a kid for whatever Irish language programme needed content that week. Zero preparation and then sighs when it all went pear shaped. Watching yourself f*ck up on Network 2 a few weeks later. TV producers are absolute chancers.

      1. Grouse

        I owe it all to these magnificent eyebrows. Recently insured them for twelve grand, which is a fifty percent premium over the average punter. Because of the flambés, of course.

        Parlay. (It’s so gauche to point out spelling errors, especially to such a benign and generous personality as yourself. Trust me, I feel terrible.)

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