The World’s Most Majestic Trees


Sentinels-Neg-2014Avenue-of-the-Baobabs Bowthorpe-Oak-copy Heart-of-the-Dragon moon-2up-1 Wakehurst-YewsDesert-Rose-Wadi-Fa-Lang-copyCroft-Chestnut-1-copy
American photographer Beth Moon has spent the last 14 years travelling the world in search of the oldest, rarest and biggest trees.

Her duotone prints are specially developed for exhibition using a platinum/palladium process that ensures a deep tonal range and a durability to match the often millennium-old subject matter.

60 of her majestic tree images were recently published in a book called Ancient Trees; Portaits Of Time.


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3 thoughts on “The World’s Most Majestic Trees

    1. RidersOnTheStorm

      Baobab trees are in the 2nd photo from top – massive trunks with small crown.

      Saw some (not as big) in Botswana when I worked there as an architect in 1981

  1. I, Scooperman

    Presume that’s Angkor Wat in no. 6. The tree routes growing around the buildings an unbelievable sight.

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