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An extraordinary artefact recently discovered among a cache of burial treasures at the 3,500 year old tomb of a Bronze Age warrior in southwest Greece: the Pylos Combat Agate – a carved sealstone less than 4cm wide featuring an astonishingly detailed depiction of two fighters clashing over the slain body of a third.

Professor Jack Davis of the University of Cincinnati (whose researchers originally unearthed the tomb) sez of it:

What is fascinating is that the representation of the human body is at a level of detail and musculature that one doesn’t find again until the classical period of Greek art 1,000 years later.

MORE: Unearthing A Masterpiece (UC magazine)


Sentinels-Neg-2014Avenue-of-the-Baobabs Bowthorpe-Oak-copy Heart-of-the-Dragon moon-2up-1 Wakehurst-YewsDesert-Rose-Wadi-Fa-Lang-copyCroft-Chestnut-1-copy
American photographer Beth Moon has spent the last 14 years travelling the world in search of the oldest, rarest and biggest trees.

Her duotone prints are specially developed for exhibition using a platinum/palladium process that ensures a deep tonal range and a durability to match the often millennium-old subject matter.

60 of her majestic tree images were recently published in a book called Ancient Trees; Portaits Of Time.



British type designer, Illustrator and artist Seb Lester sez:

BlackLetter was used throughout Europe from about 1150 until the end of the 17th century. One of my current preoccupations is developing a set of modern BlackLetter capitals that are highly legible, in BlackLetter terms, and yet retain the richness and beauty inherent in this ancient category of letterform. From time to time I will film clips like this to record my progress.