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  1. jeremy kyle

    Can’t trust a nation of drunkards with bicycles after closing time I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. gallantman

      Chicken and egg innit. The more we are treated like children, the more infantilised our behaviour becomes.

      1. scottser

        which is exactly why i have an urge to go on the p1ss with the lads and then at 1145 we’ll all have a drunken game of dublin bike polo at the bottom of grafton st.

  2. Rep

    Yes, I wonder why you can’t get a Dublin bike at 3.30 in the morning from the top of Camden St. I honestly can’t think of any single reason at all.

    1. SADDo

      A bike *or* a cop not to be found. A war zone with curried chips. But there’s a thought – put the next Dublin Bikes station *inside* Kevin Street Garda station grounds. Plenty of room. The cops mostly use it as parking for relatives up in the big shmoke for the Christmas shoppin’ and the GAA anyway.

  3. 21secondstogo

    People should be allowed to fall on their face if they’re stupid enough to get on a bike whilst drunk.

    No good reason for this.

  4. madouveh on the dole

    If trial and error have taught us anything here in Ireland, which they haven’t, because we’re all to drunk and apathetic to care – it’s that you cant have nice things here.

  5. Joe

    I seen first hand why over Christmas, very drunk chap absolutely cleaning himself out of it on the luas tracks outside Odeon. It would be carnage if they operated past 12:30.

      1. Joe

        a specular crash off the bike, flailing limbs, the bike going one way and the cyclist going the other way. incidentally the bike nearly took out some pedestrians. no sympathy for them.

  6. Dhaughton99

    There should be a prerequisite that the rider should actually know how to cycle a bike. Some are complete idiots.

  7. Stephen

    According to Road Safety Authority, the most dangerous time on the roads is between 2pm and 6pm. After 12:30am traffic in the city centre is pretty light and public transport stops running which means no more Luas or buses (the sporadic Nitelink being an exception), which technically makes the roads a little safer to cycle around.

    Yes there’ll be some drunk cyclists, but there are already drunk cyclists on the roads anyway. Limiting the rental of the bikes between 12:30am and 5am to holders on the annual City Bikes subscription card would weed out the opportunistic drunk cyclists.

  8. PPads

    How many of these countries impose a minimum safety test before you are even allowed to rent a bike? EVERY cyclist should pass the same safety tests as drivers; otherwise we are back to when your granny got for her driving license by filling out a form at the post office. THEN… let’s talk night time riding.

    1. PPads

      Ok that is all bad English sorry but I’m going to shoot one of those clowns on a rented bike soon. Some of them don’t even know the difference between footpath and road let alone what coloured lights mean.

    2. Stephen

      All of those countries are using the same JCDecaux system for renting bikes, so none of them require a minimum safety test before you rent the bike via the automated service.

  9. SADDo

    According to minutes released under the FOI, it’s because DCC could not afford the trade union demands to service bikes on a 24/7 basis 365 days a year. DCC estimated the overtime would cost 13.5 million Euros per year to do so, and so preferred to spend the money on drink at parties.

    Alternatively, it’s because of:

    The Catholic Church/The Jewish Museum Expansion/Fianna Fail/The Brits/So What?

    (delete not applicable)

  10. Harchibald

    I use the bikes almost daily.

    Personally I am glad they aren’t available in the wee, drunk hours. I would be tempted and on occasion would no doubt give in to the temptation to use them while drunk. Shameful I know; but true.

    The fact most road accidents are caused midday is a nonsense argument in this respect. What % of DB users have drink on them at 3pm. And what % would at 3am?

    The fact the Luas and Dart aren’t available on a limited service 24/7 is a different story.

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