For Your Consideration: The One Whitethorn Bush



Fado fado.

Fabulously bearded seanchaí Eddie Lenihan telling an old Irish fable by a crackling fire.

What more do you need?

Filmed in Clare by Johnny Cullen for the Smalls Film Festival.

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7 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: The One Whitethorn Bush

  1. Black & White

    AFAIR he got a section of the motorway between Shannon and Ennis moved so it wouldn’t damage a fairies bush or something like that. It was around the Dromoland Castle area I think.

    1. Gearóid

      He was instrumental, aye.

      The workers refused to budge it either, in fairness to them. There were some angry letters to the newspapers at the time, I think, along the lines of “We are a nation of peasants”, “How must we look to our European brethren”.

      After the road was built, some poltroon did go out one night and cut the tree down. It is there again now, a wee sapling appeared from the trunk. You can’t keep the fairies down.

      Eddie is a gentleman.

    2. Mikeyfex

      There is a big, sweeping, seemingly unnecessary bend around there alright. Could be many reasons for it but it’s there and I can’t think of any other section of motorway that makes you slow a bit due to the curve.

      Going around it once a deer bounded across in front of us so had to brake hard; got pretty hairy. It wasn’t leaving the road either so my passenger rang the police to let them know and by the time it was reported out by AA roadwatch on the radio the deer had become a cow. I’d love to, but I’ve never seen a cow move like that.

      Anyway, ya, Eddie’s great, remember him seeming as old as he looks there when he came to our primary school. Good to see him still going.

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