Meanwhile, At The Spire


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Earlier tonight.

Members of the French community and Irish friends gathered at the Spire on O’Connell Street to mark the deaths at the raid on Charlie Hebdo magazine Paris today.

Pics via Flavienp, Stephen M Sabat FabienBrian McDonaghLeslieBou

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21 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Spire

      1. Kieran NYC

        So you’d deport someone who said something you didn’t like on a story on free speech?

        The ironing is delicious.

        1. Rob

          Ah yes Kieran, that little nutmeg, free speech! I’ll give you irony the press in France that are saying it is an attack on free speech were all up in arms two weeks ago celebrating the firing of a French right wing Journalist and calling for his sacking from radio! The interior minister called for demonstrations on the street to protest at a book he wrote! Now it’s all about free speech. I suppose it has everything to do with what the person is saying!
          “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”
          If only!

        2. Anomanomanom

          I don’t like ironing. And no i agree with 90% of what he said. It the attitude of its okay for me to say what I want but Il take legal action if you offend Muslim I don’t like. That attitude is what breeds radicals. That’s why I’d deport him.

          1. Anomanomanom

            Iv word that horrible. I didn’t mean if you offend Muslim he doesn’t like, which is how it reads.

  1. les rock

    fair play to those involved. People died for our freedoms, people died so we could live this way. If they don’t like it then do one

  2. Friscondo

    I see the comments page has been taken over by the children’s edition of Stormfront. Very thoughtful and eloquent.

  3. tomkildare

    If I was good at drawing I would draw a pic of Islam leaders licking my gooch. I heard Mohammad was a gay who likes to wear white dresses. And he gets all angry and orders a day of rage. iiiiiii iiii iiiii iiii iiii iii iii ii iii

      1. JimmytheHead

        did a photoshop last time Charlies office got burned down, Moe from the simpsons with a cartoon baked ham on his head (Moe-Ham-Head) but cant find it anywhere now :-(

  4. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    What’s the phrase for “glad eye” in French? Coz yer wan in the second photo is giving it to yer man next to her.

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