Beaker And Bourke


sheahan:burkeFionnan Sheahan (left) and Cormac Bourke, reports

Fionnan Sheahan, INM’s Group Political Editor, has been appointed as Editor of the Irish Independent. Cormac Bourke, Executive Editor at the Irish Independent, has been appointed as Editor of the Sunday Independent. Both editors will report to INM Editor-in-chief Stephen Rae and their appointments will begin with immediate effect.

This changes everything.


INM appoints two new editors to Irish Independent and Sunday Independent (


Jubilation in the INM newsroom this morning.


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32 thoughts on “Beaker And Bourke

  1. Manta Rae

    It’s Bourke, BTW. It even says so in the blurb beneath your head. Whoever wrote the head could get a job at the Indo.

    Emdy know if Bourke is from Kerry?

  2. Eamonn Clancy

    No doubt mixed metaphor’s Drennan will fill Sheahan’s shoes, after all, Indo journalists are all interchangeable as they all chant from same hymn book.

    1. HappyDub

      Whenever Drennan speaks on Newstalk I bite my fist. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Metaphor Man!

  3. gertrude

    > Both editors will report to INM Editor-in-chief Denis O’Brien and their appointments will begin with immediate effect.

  4. Frilly Keane

    How the ück did Barry Egan not get a look in?

    I’m shocked. Shocked.
    He should consult his union
    Seek strike action
    Stuff like that

    1. Odis

      WTF? I’ve got filling cabinets like that where I work and they’re very nice and go with the magnolia walls.

  5. b

    will be an interesting time during/after the next election when the editor of the Indo is married to a possible FF TD

  6. Mikeyfex

    “This is the accounts department. Alright? The number bods. Do not be fooled by their job descriptions. They are absolutely mad, all of them.
    Especially that one. He’s mental. Not literally, that wouldn’t work. The last place you’d want someone like that is in accounts…”

  7. Mr. T.

    Dreary looking work place. Reluctant applause.

    Beaker is being placed to lead the campaign for Fine Gael or any other centre right party will do, as long as they keep the left out of government.

    Expect cheap mud slinging from day one.

  8. DazzaMazza

    I can imagine the editorial meetings

    1. made up stories from ‘unnamed sources’ – check
    2. Stories and opinion blaming the evil public serpants on all of our woes – check
    3. Stories try to push up the price of property – check
    4. Make sure we don’t report on links between the boss and Irish water – check
    5. Irish models in their undies giving opinions on the recession and shoes – check

      1. McKay

        7. The Nation’s sweethearts – BOD & Hubes discuss their undying love for themselves and branding opportunities.

      2. Soundings

        8. SF are complete and utter basturbs, and no mistake, especially the beardy git
        9. You wait (and write) all year about a new political party, and then three arrive at once, now what have to write about
        10. Moriarty is a character in Sherlock Holmes and anyone who says otherwise will be shown the door
        11. The Gardai are a great bunch of lads, especially the (undisgusting) whistleblowers that feed us most of our crime stories
        12. Developers who try to get debt writedowns are blackguards, but not Denis, he’s just an astute businessman
        13. Anything good in the Telegraph we can copy in tomorrow’s paper….

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