The Real Heroes


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Taoiseach Enda Kenny and IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde at Government Buildings this morning.



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‘That Makes No Sense’

Christine BLAGARD

Pics via Merrion Street




31 thoughts on “The Real Heroes

    1. gallantman

      Mafia Don pats guy on the cheek and says, “I knew you were smart and you’d do the right thing”, while taking weekly protection money.

    1. scottser

      hey don’t knock enda. he’s part of the reason why the richest 1% own 51% of global wealth.
      aren’t we great!

      1. Anne

        We are indeed…Watch him, all giggly and obliging.
        What an embarrassment.

        Work of art.. lol There really is something lacking in him.. I don’t know what it is though.

        1. ahjayzis

          A spine.

          It’s a common condition among people who’ve spent their entire lives sitting in the backbenches voting as they’re told. Apparently a great qualification for leadership of a country.

  1. Clampers Outside!

    IMF head who pays ZERO tax in any country and therefore contributes zero to bailouts for any country tells Irish they are doing a good job of paying down 41% of EUs debt.

    *bends over* …Kiss it Lagarde! Kiss it real good, French style.

    1. Anne

      Was it Napoleon that said ‘put a medal on their breasts and they’ll march to their deaths’..
      Real heroes me arse.. As opposed to who else?

      1. McKay

        Ah lovely! I’m gone all giggly inside-thanks Lagarde! You’ve made every step of this endless trudge called ‘recovery’ worthwhile.

        1. Joe the Lion

          I come over a little queer every time Lagarde even glances in my direction.

          A little spittoon of pre-cum accumulates.. well you get the idea.

    1. McKay

      Don’t think we’ll be getting medals – probably a thank-you note signed by Lagarde in her ‘artistic’ scrawl. Someone’s probably running round to Reads on Nassau St at this exact moment to place the order.

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