Are They Hot?




They certainly are.

JP Vaughan writes to tell us:

Some good news for Irish Indie games. Two Irish game devs [Galway based Rocket Rainbow and Dublin based Gambrinous] have had their games [Hey Ewe and Guild of Dungeoneering] selected as finalists for the Indie Prize at Casual Connect in Amsterdam next month.

You guys were a great help to us when we launched Hay Ewe and really helped to get the name out there so we feel you contributed to its success too.

Anyway, a nice bit of news for small business at the least.

Hey Ewe is a cute little puzzle game and is available now on the Apple App Store for 99 cents.

Guild of Dungeoneering is expected to be released in May on Steam for both Windows and Mac. We simply cannot wait to get our hands on this after playing a demo of it last year.

Two Irish Games Selected For Casual Connect Indie Prize

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One thought on “Are They Hot?

  1. MajorThrill

    I’ve been following Guild of Dungeoneering for ages, it looks fun as hell. Congrats to both teams.

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