Wild Frank’s Year



“I love human interaction but I do play rough sometimes. Because of this I wouldn’t be suited to a home with small children or other pets. To put it simply: I need to be your one and only!”

A blunt appeal by ginger-splattered stray Frank at the Dublin SPCA last Summer.



[some time later]


This morning.

Dublin SPCA writes:

At last Frankie gets a home of his own [in Maynooth Co Kildare]. After waiting since last August, he has gone to a wonderful family. We will certainly miss this loveable rogue. Best of luck Frankie….

Dublin SPCA (Facebook)

9 thoughts on “Wild Frank’s Year

  1. Soundings

    So, my taxes have gone to sustain this moggy for the past six months? I really couldn’t give a toss if it’s a passive-aggressive loner, why wasn’t it euthanised six months ago? Whose government department does DSPCA fall under?

    Frankly, I’m more outraged by this than the salaries and expenses of TDs covered elsewhere today.

    1. The Old Boy

      The SPCAs are charities. The local authority shelters bring out the big needle after a few days, so you can rest assured that you in no way assisted the continued existence of this cat.

    2. Disgraced Former Minister Frilly Mickie Keane

      Ah would ya give over

      The SPCAs so loads a work for the Gardai, the HSE, the Fire Services WTC
      With no payment for services

      Cop on t’yerself

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