9 thoughts on “The Duel

    1. Tony

      Zatoichi, The Flame And The Arrow, Azumi, Blind Fury and The Curse Of The Golden Flower were new to me.

      So, me. I admit I looked at the list and was found wanting.


    2. meh.

      Yeah, me.
      I’ve never seen Azumi and I didn’t recognise that Rutger Haugher movie. Knew the rest.

      That was really good.
      The Vader/Skywalker fight and the Shia The Beef / Cate Blanchett don’t really belong there. The first is terrible and the second is ridiculous (yes, even more ridiculous than the people running on water).
      It further highlights how Darth Maul was absolutely wasted in the prequilogy (coined it!) He could have easily stayed in and not be replaced by Grievous and Dooku.
      Also, although Zatoichi was a nce addition, I was disappointed it didn’t end with Toshiro Mifune’s Sanjuro slicing through Muroto.
      Here it is in Japanese And Spanish – so good luck

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