The Cage Of Hope


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This afternoon.

Dublin City Council Beta Project’s test bike hangar installed on John Dillon Street, Christchurch Dublin.


Isaac writes:

The site where you are supposed to give feedback is very confusing and non user friendly. I think these could transform the Dublin cycling experience and put you guys out business. Can you pass that onto them [DCC]? Ta.


Dublin City Beta (DCC)

Leave submissions below if you must.

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

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32 thoughts on “The Cage Of Hope

  1. Soundings

    Worth a punt instead of keeping the bike on the balcony. But DCC need to get real about what cyclists are facing with gangs stealing bikes and exporting them. A bike shed screwed into the road would take five minutes with an angle saw and jack hammer to remove, and that is what cyclists are facing.

  2. bertie blenkinsop

    How many bike thieves will it hold and how do we pelt them with fruit?

    I preferred the old fashioned stocks personally.

      1. The bringer of facts

        I drive a golf GTI MK 6 with lovely 18 inch alloys and led lights (back and front).

        No leather seats but heated.

        So, a bike shed made from a cow shed ain’t got shite on my baller ride.

        Ya feel me hippy?

        1. Grouse

          That’s great. Just last week I got a BOSCH WAQ2836SGB Washing Machine with a stainless steel finish. It’s got an 8kg capacity.

    1. BobbyJ

      Yup, a perfectly good parking spot on public property is being turned into an even better parking spot that has the ability to facilitate more users. Progress, eh

      1. Frilly Keane

        No need t’be like that Marky

        See, I’m not all that convinced that professional gangs in big vans are the ones knocking off the bikes

        I reckon the majority of the bike robbers are cyclists

        And that Anderson Shelter Type Yoke makes it even easier for the thieving ünt cyclist to pick and choose what bike they wanna go home on.

  3. Soft like

    Enough with begrudging for feck sake, would you ever like something and stop being so dull ya feckers.

  4. Rosebud

    As I understand it, you pay an annual fee to put your bike in the locker and you receive a key. The unit is locked and can only be opened by subscribers with keys. Your bike is also locked to a pole inside the unit. My on street parking permit for my car costs €40 per annum. I would happily pay the same to put my bike in one of these units and get it out of my hallway. If DCC can get 6 or more bikes in one such unit then they will make 6 times the money from a single car space.

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