Emergency Over


Rosie Naughton, from Hope4Homeless, speaks to Richie, a homeless man in Dublin, who tells her the emergency beds, rolled out in the wake of Jonathan Corrie’s death, will be removed over the next two to three weeks.

In the video, Richie tells Rosie he was told  this by the Simon Community, Focus Ireland and Merchant’s Quay.

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4 thoughts on “Emergency Over

  1. Michael

    These were winter beds. They are brought on stream when the temperature drops and then are closed again in the spring. There were extra beds this year, and a few other initiatives following Jonathan Corrie’s death. But there was never a commitment to keeping the extra beds open. They were always temporary.

    The extra beds and initiatives were welcome, but they are not enough to solve issues of street homelessness.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      True, but is the worst over…. apparently not. So they should leave the beds until the promised cold spell is gone. The worst weather is to come.

      The govt just stuck a plaster on a problem, hoping it will go away, as soon as possible. So, it is obvious they’ve, the govt, have not even been looking at the reason why the emergency beds were brought out in the first place. Temporary or not.

  2. Soundings

    The homeless are just for Christmas (if that wasn’t the case and it was to do with temperature, there’d be emergency accommodation from Oct-April). Can we dress them up in elf suits next Yuletide and create a new BS series?

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