Find Bonnie And Clyde


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Kate writes:

Our dogs Bonnie and Clyde have gone missing from our house in Kill, Co. Kildare. They were there at 9.35pm last night. We’ve had them for seven years and they have never wandered away. They were in a garden behind locked gates. If anyone has any information please contact  ( It’s very much appreciated as we’re all very upset. Thank you.


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7 thoughts on “Find Bonnie And Clyde

  1. Voltron

    Admin, how do you know they “wandered off together”? obvs the owners are concerned that they have been stolen.

  2. Soundings

    Sweet-looking dogs, how big are they? Are they black-haired with a white blaze on one (the one on the left)? What breed are they – look like a springer spaniel mix.

  3. Brown dogg

    Really hope these two dogs are found, can only imagine the distress this is causing. Dunno what we’d do if our Delaney and Bonnie went walkabout. We’ll say a prayer to St. Anthony.

  4. nabanoga

    I saw those dogs on Saturday morning coming through the fence into Kill Equestrian centre from the estate next door. I hope that helps in the search.

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