60 thoughts on “Parasite For Sore Eyes

  1. Diddley Aye

    I think Wilson Joyce should experience being “grounded” in his car for a few hours followed by being “splashed” by a water balloon.

    What fun eh?

    1. ahjayzis

      No one said it was fun or pleasant?
      But Joan wasn’t made homeless or had her income cut by 50% or 100%, or exiled from the country.

      That’s the point. It’s a fupping water balloon, perspective.

      1. Diddley Aye

        It was thrown by a scumbag at our democratically elected Tanaiste. If you think thats ok then its a short step to believing in Kitty Hollands imaginary car dwellers.

          1. Diddley Aye

            Sneer away. I’ve never voted Labour so its not a political point to me. I’d like to think that anybody who delivers a smack to the face to a middle aged woman that Joan Burton received that day is a lowlife and anybody who supports it or who thinks its funny is also a lowlife.

          2. Pedant

            No, the Dail elects the Tanaiste. We elect the TDs who sit in the Dail. That’s how a parliamentary system works.

          3. Pedant

            Nope. I would not agree. You’re alluding, I think, to the electoral college. But the voters cast their ballots for the candidate himself, not for the members of the electoral college who are appointed subsequently to ratify the voters’ decision. The only people to have cast a ballot for Joan the Moan were those in her own constituency, Dublin West.

        1. Ruth

          Traditionally, it is eggs that are used by citizens to voice discontent with politicians, a water balloon is a far safer, and less humiliating, option. Joan should grow a pair. The letter is a sterling piece of work, and hits the nail squarely on the head. You, and your ilk, would do well to heed the klaxons of change.

          1. Diddley Aye

            Ok you converted me. I should mention that I have also been recently converted from my mild approval of marraige equality to mild dissaproval. I now intend to throw eggs and water balloons at those politicians who support it. Does that make me a passionate protestor or a mouth breathing homophobe. I think its fun

        2. ahjayzis

          If a solicitor incensed at the (delayed, delayed, delayed) reform of the rigged legal system threw it, it’d be better so?

          That’s an abuse of the word democratic – Joan was elected to leadership of her party by her party members – an infinitesimally small percentage of the electorate, 3000 people I believe – and promptly inherited the tanaiste-hood which was ‘won’ by Gilmore on the basis of him winning 10% support of the population. Put down the West Wing boxset.

          But that’s an aside – Joan’s party campaigned on certain issues – made promises – and promptly broke ALL of them. Respect for democracy from the population requires a modicum of respect for democracy from politicians.

  2. Medium Sized C

    Supposed violence is hitting someone with something.
    Real Violence is taxation.

    Also, we aren’t being called to outrage at homelessness?
    He is just ignoring what doesn’t suit his arguement there

    And finally, when you lead with telling someone that their distaste for something is not real you are leading with being an bottomhole.

    Otherwise fair play to him.

    1. Joe the Lion

      He didn’t lead with that. He starts off with a gag. He compared recent ones to their record of what he in fact described as objective analysis.

    2. Helen

      Says the guy who forced his wife to have her baby in a private hospital so she wouldn’t have to mingle with the plebs.

        1. Ruth

          No, in terms of where your ideological stance is located it is a representation of what those who are more left-inclined view hear whenever you comment. Incidentally, are you aware of the research that proves, empirically, that those who anonymously support right-leaning ideologies online are, more often than not, possessors of an inferior intelligence quotient to those who support left-oriented ideals?

  3. Mayor Quimby


    Look at the video again there are dozens of these mouth-breathers hurling insults;

    They attempted to rush the car of the head of State and were only prevented in doing so by another dozen or so Gardai.

    This Derek Byrne is an obnoxious ape.

    1. Ruth

      At least they did that, while their own journalists aren’t in the ha’penny place of real journalism.

  4. Anomanomanom

    All media seems to using the go to word “customers”. It’s simple psychology, say something as much as possible with as many repetitions as you can. People start to associate “customer” with iris water. Very clever actually.

    1. d4n

      It’s actually more than that, the word customer has been replacing the word citizen for quite a while now

  5. Spare

    Great prose, masterful letter, but flawed points.

    The media do cover the social impact of economic decisions. Tones of coverage from all perspectives; #vinb, reports from think tanks, vox pops, Morning Ireland, main news bulletins, Frontline/Prime Time/CB Live, Joe Duffy, etc.

    What the letter writer wants is the inappropriate hand wringing given to the Pres Abuse to be given to the issues he is most concerned about. But two wrongs don’t make a right.

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