Thank You, Pat



This morning.

Aidan O’B  writes:

Last night I came home from work to discover my wallet was missing. Presuming I left it in work, I was surprised this morning to get a phonecall saying it was handed into Donnybrook Garda station [Donnybrook, Dublin 4). I turned up this morning and low and behold all cards and cash intact. The good Samaritan named Pat left a number but it doesn’t seem to be correct, so and I just want to say if you’re reading this thank you Pat!


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4 thoughts on “Thank You, Pat

  1. Pat

    The number was correct. You just want your 15 minutes on Broadsheet. All I wanted was a personal thank you. I should have spent the fuppin money… Devo.

  2. Anne

    Pat’s not a Dublin scanger… yaaaah for Pat. If you’re reading Pat, I’ll call ya and wish ya congratulations. You’ve past the being a decent human being test.

    Seriously like, he didn’t give ya his left kidney or anything.. He did the normal, decent thing.

  3. Yeah Right

    I remember a few years ago I lost my wallet too. I searched around and couldn’t find it, so cancelled all cards etc. A day or two later I decided to chance calling into the Garda Station just in case someone had dropped it in. Low and behold they had. All cash was gone though, but since it was a comparatively small sum I wasn’t too bothered. The guards had gone through the wallet obviously (ie had moved all cards into a single slot), and couldn’t have failed to find my business cards contained within it, business cards that obviously detailed how I worked for the biggest employer around, and had my work landline and mobile number on it. They just never bothered ringing.

    I’m 100% sure if I’d a 10spot in it though, they’d have been round my employer straight away to bring me in for questioning.

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