It’s Getting Boomier


We’ve turned another corner..

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20 thoughts on “It’s Getting Boomier

  1. Dubloony

    All the old derelict shops on Dolphin’s Barn demolished in last few days.
    Are we, gulp, about to see the return of breakfast roll man?

      1. Dubloony

        The old public loos at Dolphin’s Barn, at the little green there and the row of single story shops that have been closed for years that are opposite Tesco /Camile / flats.

  2. Leela2011

    Saw them throwing poor Maser’s work into that stink-pit. But hopefully means something is actually being done there. Also nice to see the work in Dolphin’s Barn :)

    1. Sinabhfuil

      I hope local skilled workers are being employed, rather than Northerners who will down tools to go and sign on once a week, as in some previous operations in this blackspot unemployment area.

    1. Liggy

      Except like you now which means you validated and invalidated your statement with one fowl swoop.

  3. john

    I think that site was always ear marked for new Kevin St Garda Station. Must have got the green light again.

  4. Christopher

    At LAST! All this BS about a shortage of housing in Dublin when it’s just a case of land grabbing and not building on it to drive up prices- take a walk around D8 and D1 and you will see no end of empty lots that would be prime sites for apartments. How the one pictured laid empty for so long is a mystery.

      1. gg

        A few people control most of the land around Dublin. It’s in their interest to drip tiny lots onto the market to keep prices inflated.

  5. Caroline

    What’s the problem? Sure you can get a sign with mawkish exhortations to consciously perform your humanity in the home furnishings section of any good retailer.

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