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From top: Together For Yes campaigners outside the Bang Bang Café; Eamonn Murray and Anne Phelan

This morning.

Phibsborough, Dublin 7.

#knittersforrepeal writes:

Maser’s Repeal is on its way back into Temple Bar this afternoon and this time it won’t be painted over because Local T4Y campaigner, Anne Phelan, has only gone and knitted it!

Hanging on ‘knitting needles’ fashioned from broom handles (carved by another Phibsborough local, master craftsman, Eamonn Murray) a group of local T4Y supporters gathered this morning outside Bang Bang Café for its ‘unveiling’ before being transported to its new home.

In fairness

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Above: Maser with his Repeal mural at the Project Arts Centre , Temple Bar

It went up.

It went down.

It went up again

Via The Project Arts Centre

The Charities Regulator has informed Project Arts Centre that the display of Maser’s ‘Repeal the 8th’ artwork is ‘political activity’ and that Project is therefore in breach of the Charities Act 2009 and not in line with Project’s ‘charitable purpose’.

Should the artwork not be removed, Project risks losing its charitable status. Project Arts Centre respects the authority of the Charities Regulator and will comply with their order to remove Maser’s artwork.

Fiona Slevin, Chair of Project Arts Centre said:

“We strive to sustain Project’s stated purpose and objectives, namely to remain Ireland’s leading centre for the presentation and development of contemporary art, and to work with artists across all art forms to make and present extraordinary works that inspire and provoke.

The artwork by Maser fits precisely with this remit. In presenting Maser’s work, we are facilitating the presentation of art by a highly regarded, award-winning street artist who has displayed artworks across Ireland, Europe and the United States.”

Maser’s artwork will be painted over by the Artistic Director of Project Arts Centre, Cian O’Brien at 11am at the centre on Monday.

All welcome.

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Meanwhile, In Temple Bar

Top pic: Ste




Hot Press reports:

This week, a mural on the wall of the Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar, with the slogan ‘Repeal the 8th’ has attracted some controversy.

The artwork, offending or otherwise, was commissioned by ‘Hunreal Issues’, a new website that aims to share women’s issues with a wider audience and painted by renowned urban artist Maser.

It is not the first mural to appear outside the Centre, but it is definitely the most controversial. Its predecessor was a big ‘YES’ mural to honour the marriage referendum, which curiously didn’t receive any complaints.

This highlights how incredibly divisive the issue of abortion can be – at least for some.

According to Project Arts Artistic Director Cian O’Brien, the centre has received 50 complaints, but it has also attracted over 200 messages of support.

Tara Flynn: “Repeal The Eighth Mural Must Stay” (Hot Press)

Pic: Pursuit of Balance



Project Arts Centre this afternoon.

The Project Arts Centre has released the following statement:

We have taken the decision to remove the mural artwork by celebrated street artist, Maser, painted on the front of our building, after receiving a warning notice from Dublin City Council Planning Department that the work is in violation of the Planning & Development Acts (2000-2015).

Commenting on the artwork, Project Arts Centre Artistic Director, Cian O’Brien, said:

“We have had an astonishing response to this artwork by Maser and I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the conversation around this important topic. I, in no way, wish to censor or silence an artist; I respect the legal position that the DCC Planning Office is in and the parameters within which they are working. This artwork occurs in the context of many in the artistic programme.”

“It is the first time Project has been presented with a planning notice for a painted artwork on the front of our current building. Project Arts Centre is complying with the planning notice and has removed this artwork. We look forward to working through official channels with Maser and The HunReal Issues to explore the possibility of re-installing this work as soon as possible.”

Maser Artwork Subject to Planning Permission to Be Taken Down (Project Arts Centre)

Pic: Sex Siopa



Ah here.

By Alan Nolan