12 thoughts on “How Long?

  1. Bluebeard

    This makes total sense. All the lazy journalists banging in FOI’s looking for a cheap headline and clogging up the system.

      1. Chuckenstein

        It doesn’t matter how it’s stored, hard copy is generally how it’s provided. I recently spent almost two weeks trawling through material in response to a journalist and the subsequent headline and ‘story’ were pitiful.

        1. Gav D

          Not trying to be rude, but thats inefficiency on your organisation’s part. For an organisation thats subject to FOI rules to not have some sort of eDRM strategy or e-discovery tool available to them is a a bit mad.

  2. eoin

    what I love about broadsheet is that it’s not even attempting to be impartial about this issue. we actually need more money spent on our water services not less. simple stupid posts about a complex issue don’t help people to understand the issue. At least try and put up the two sides of the story.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      What are you on about… it’s an update on something ongoing ffs and with three links leading to earlier parts to this.

      Maybe you like your news spoon fed from Denis or massaged by RTE.

    2. Lorcan Nagle

      Broadsheet is a blog, they’re under no compulsion to present the story any way other than how they want to.

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