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Rathgall Hillfort, Wicklow.

Part of series of sneaky aerial ‘peeks’  that also include beautiful Ballymoon Castle, Co Carlow

Darren writes;

I’m making a collection of ruins, castles, scenic areas and other interesting places/ things around Ireland as seen by quad copter. I’m putting them up on YouTube to share with the world. I’m also making as much use of the quadcopter as possible to justify the cost of it to my long suffering wife :)

I would love to get suggestions to hidden gems in their local area or anything else in Ireland that might look great from the sky. All suggestions or ideas are welcomed!



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24 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Mark Dennehy

    Conor pass in Kerry. There’s a small corrie lake just off the road by a picnic stop called Loughdoon. Probably one of the more beautiful places in the entire county on a still morning. It’d be fairly wonderful to see that from just above the middle of the lake facing west, then rising the quadcopter to see the glaciated valley below…

  2. Praetorian.

    Fore abbey and its surrounds,Kylemore abby,Lough Inagh,Sky road,Gougane Barra,the Healy pass,Bere Island,Mizen head,Fanad head,the Vee,Valentia,Dursey…the list is endless.

    1. Ultach

      Great yoke. There was an article in Astrology Ireland a few months back on how archeologists are making great use of them for picking up the shadows of barely perceptible land contours in low sun.

        1. ahjayzis

          No, Astronomy. The shadows of barely perceptible land contours in low sun can unlock the secrets of love, money, happiness. Call now!

  3. Mikeyfex

    Dromore Castle, West Limerick would be one I’d be very interested in seeing. don’t think you’ll be disappointed either.

  4. Darren (Speirview)

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! There are some really great ideas in there and I hope to get to them all (though I can’t promise a timeline.) Those who are interested please do feel free to follow our channel on Youtube or give a link on Facebook as I’ll post update as I get to each new place there!

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