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Heritage by Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang is a full-scale installation of 99 replica animals drinking from a pool, currently on display at GOMA in Brisbane as part of a larger exhibition called Falling Back To Earth. Inspired by a 2011 trip to Stradbroke Island in Australia, artist Cai Guo-Qiang

Also on display is Head On (2004) – the artist’s extraordinary cascade of 99 replica wolves.

Cai Guo-Qiang discusses the work further at his blog.


Celebrated miniaturist William Robertson’s 1/12 scale, fully functional replica of an 18th century tool chest, which took about 1000 hours to complete:

Robertson’s tool chest contains all the same tools that were found in the original. All the tools work, even the plane’s tote (handle) is set a scale 1/8″ to one side as the original. The saw has 160 teeth to the inch. Robinson says that the hardest tool to make was the folding rule with 5 leaf hinge. It is about .030″ thick and hand engraved on boxwood. Things like the shears and dividers also have nice little joints.

Also included in the tool chest are a Kent-style hatchet, claw hammer, a riviting hammer, marking gauge, five gimlets, a smooth plane, backsaw, saw wrest, divider, awl, round file, burnisher, inside/outside calipers, bevel gauge, try square, three turnscrews, four brad awls, an oilstone in its case, three tanged chisels, a mallet and a beak anvil. As stated all the tools are fully functional, with blades made of steel.

William Robertson Miniature Tool Chest (The Toolchest Site)

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