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Phil Evans  writes:

I’m a Bray-based film maker and I’m about to release a new series of experimental short skate films each one based on a different concept and all supported by Levis. Here is the trailer for the first film – “Lightbox: Grey”, all shot on Super 8 in Malmö, Sweden with animations by Bristol based illustrator Mike O Shea and a soundtrack from Delgany producer “Gibbo”


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9 thoughts on “Greyny

  1. Ding

    Looks like something that some skate kid made with a super 8 app on his phone.
    ‘Ohhhh light a cigarette and we’ll make it look trippy, mysterious and 70’s’.

    1. Jimboy

      Haters gonna hate
      What you ever create?
      Except hate
      Dont hate on him because you cant create

  2. dhaughton99

    Anyone remember the name of the film released last year about the skate shop in Dublin?

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