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Something we’ve rarely seen in Cork since the local Gardaí cracked down on the lads bringing the wee skate ramps to Half-Moon St. a few years back: a street-skate vid.

Brought to you by the kind folk at Primetime Cork (for all your streetwear needs, serving the city over 25 years) as part of their series of videos on Cork culture. They write:

Here’s the next instalment in our ongoing video series, this week showcasing three of Cork’s top skaters and long-time friends of the shop. Throughout our 25 year history Primetime has taken great pride in supporting every aspect of ‘street’ culture in our city, whether musical, artistic or otherwise. Long may this continue!

More videos here.

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Phil Evans  writes:

I’m a Bray-based film maker and I’m about to release a new series of experimental short skate films each one based on a different concept and all supported by Levis. Here is the trailer for the first film – “Lightbox: Grey”, all shot on Super 8 in Malmö, Sweden with animations by Bristol based illustrator Mike O Shea and a soundtrack from Delgany producer “Gibbo”