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    1. Soundings

      Looks like water above, and certainly not sparkling. Was the OP charged €9 for a glass of tap water?

  1. Stewart Curry

    They should really start putting the prices for these in some sort of booklet before people order them, so they know how much they will be spending.

    Still crazy pricey for a glass of wine in a chain restaurant that’s like a canteen with waiters.

    1. Mister Mister

      Yeah, some sort of booklet they give you as soon as you sit down, even hand them to you while you’re standing and waiting to be seated.

    2. collynomial

      According to a menu which is available online, the large glass, the one that costs €8.95 is 250ml of wine. That’s 1/3 of a bottle which costs €25.95 on the menu. Not a real rip-off, I suppose.

      However, the menu also states that the wine is sourced from Chateau la Coste, where it can be bought for €11.70 per bottle.

      So I guess it depends on what way you want to look at it, glass half empty or whatever.

      1. medieval knievel

        if you scale down the measure to a normal glass (175ml), the price scales down to €6.30, which is hardly extortionate.

  2. Vote Rep #1

    Did the op look at the menu and choose the above wine knowing how much it cost before drinking it, paying for it and then complaining about it?

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    House wines start at about €7 per glass and rise upwards.
    House whines on the other hand are free on BS.

  4. lolly

    blanc de blanc just means white from white. blanc de blanc is often used by cheapy white wines as a brand name to make the wine sound posh.

    In Champagne it means a Chardonnay based Champagne (often more highly prized). Although there are a few other obscure varieties occasionally used – Chardonnay is the only white grape in general use in Champagne. The other grapes are pinot noir and pinot meunier.- these are red grapes but do not colour the wine as champagne is generally made without skin contact.

    €8.95 could be great value or terrible value – it is literally impossible to tell unless we know what the wine was.

  5. JD

    Hard to understand how this qualifies as material for a post…The large glass is a higher volume than the standard measure therefore has a higher price. To compare it with a normal measure, have a look at the normal measure price…

  6. garthicus

    My wife, child and I had pizza & soft drinks at The Dog House in Howth yesterday, I forgot to send BS the pic of the receipt as we were charged 12.5% service charge on it. Sorry folks..

      1. garthicus

        I was about to when I realised that they added it, funnily enough, I would have tipped more than the 12.5% but the fact it was added to a table of 3 was a bit presumptious.

        1. Sheila

          I don’t understand places that do this. I’m the same, the tip would be more if they’d left me to it.

          Also it’s worth noting that if you think a tip is not worthy, you can ask for it to be removed from the bill. The service would have to be really bad to prompt me todo this.

          1. dhaughton99

            What did the leper say to the prostitute?

            Keep the tip.

            Thanks, I’m here all night.

          2. Mick Flavin

            That joke always annoyed me…If you’re giving a tip to someone after they’ve provided a service, of course that person will keep the tip. That’s what I’d be annoyed about if I were that prostitute…
            Well, that and the leper penis remnant left inside me.

  7. Sheila

    I’ve always thought the wine was way over priced here.

    On an aside, I was in a new rooftop establishment last week and was happily surprised when they charged 5.70e for a glass of very drinkable white wine. I was expecting at least 7e to be charged.

    1. Paolo

      I purchased a regular glass of mediocre Pinot Noir at a mediocre London hotel and it cost me £16.50.

  8. Paolo

    It is ridiculous that restaurants get away with forcing passers-by to eat in their premises and drink their wine without allowing them to first see the menu and the price list. Absolutely scandalous.

  9. Manolo

    Wine with Japanese food?!? Only in Ireland, and maybe the UK. Beer on the other hand…

    1. lolly

      yeah cos nobody in Japan drinks wine with food, like ever. strange those restaurants in Tokyo all have wine lists. of course you can drink wine with Japanese food and Indian food and any food you want.

    2. Mikeyfex

      Ding ding ding!! Today’s ‘Only in Ireland’ comment comes from an unusual and unexpected place – a comment about what to drink with Asian food. Particularly surprising given the choice on offer today – Bishops talking marriage, delight at rich families being evicted, skits about weirdos in pubs all could have pulled the comment out of one of us but in the end Wagamama takes it.

      Tune in tomorrow to see where the next inevitable ‘Only in Ireland’ comment comes from.

      Sponsored by Jacob’s Fig Rolls.

  10. Domestos

    I bought a bottle of Moet in Wetherspoons for 35 quid. The heavy glass bottle was very good for warding off pissed 18 year olds.

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