Rense Web Site Promotes Anti-Semitic View (ADL)

51 thoughts on “Keeping Mum

  1. Soundings

    What the Senator means is that some schools in the USA have stopped pupils making Mothers Day and Fathers Day cards, because some pupils only have one parent, are orphaned or have other issues which would make those pupils uncomfortable during an art class or whatever.

    But you knew that from the Senator’s tweet, right? On no account did you form the view that some states in the United States outlawed the celebration of Mothers Day or Fathers Day. That would be mad.

        1. Joe the Lion

          The truth is they’re happier when they’re in pain.
          In fact. That’s why they got married.

          – Lou Reed

  2. Ashbag

    Jobbridge social media intern required: exclusive responsibility- smacking iPhone out of senators hand whenever she attempts to access the Internet.

  3. Annie

    Fiddy Healy Eames strikes again! She has been in thrall to Family and Life as of late who have effectively rendered this malleable goon their puppet by flying her to the USA free on a “fact finding mission” and flattering her overarching sense of entitlement. You can be damn sure that tweet was planned and it didn’t come from Healy Eames’ brain.

    1. Joe the Lion

      She’s a gas ticket. I’m available also if any reactionary fringe group needs a useful idiot to go on paid foreign recces

    1. realPolithicks

      It’s an insight into her mind that she would even visit that site, let alone cite it as a legitimate source of information.

    2. Ciarán

      Without even reading the content the graphic impression the layout leaves tells me exactly what kind of site it will be.
      Is there a website template for self-builders called ‘Conspiracy Theory Esothericist’?

  4. Adam

    Very few things are clear cut in my opinion, but a few things I am certain about. One of those things is that Fidelma Healy Eames should not have a national profile. It seems as if she is unusually stupid. The first ad on rense.com’s main page says “Drink This And Cancer Comes Pouring Out Of Your Body!”. I wonder has she been fraped. The alternative explanation is that she thinks she can us that website to support her argument – and there is no way to justify that. Did she look at the website? Or just use it as a source without knowing the details? Apparently she used to be Fine Gael’s spokesperson for education and science. I think it’s a very poor reflection on Fine Gael in particular and politics in general that she was ever nominated for the Seanad or given an important position within the party. Thankfully, it seems unlikely that she will ever be elected to the Oireachtas again. I hope she retires from public life soon.

    1. Mick Flavin

      She does seem unusually stupid, and she can’t even do it discretely because she thinks she’s smart.
      I would find all this funny, but she’s unelected, and we’re paying for the position that gives her a platform to dispense her brainfarts.

      1. Mick Flavin

        Off the top of my head, along with today’s gaffe she has come to public attention for…
        -court case over not paying a contractor
        -not paying train fare
        -losing FG party whip over abortion legislation
        -idea to have a chip installed in consoles to limit gaming time
        -driving without tax

        1. Mani

          She also thinks the Notebook was a documentary and that Al Qaeda invented falafel in order to promote islam in gaelscoils.

        2. Mick Flavin

          Further fun FHE facts:
          -Can’t understand how Bryan Dobson gets into her TV at 6.01 every evening
          -Laser pointers are banned from her house ever since she broke her nose running into a door
          -Has Maniac 2000 as every song on a little Eddie Rockets-style jukebox in her utility room
          -PhD holder*

          *apparently true

          1. Mani

            Is mortally afraid of aubergines
            Broke the patio door when she got in a fight with her reflection
            Thinks the collective noun for crows is a ‘stephen’
            Banned Guess Who? from her household as she deemed it too ‘erotic’
            Her favourite Beatle is ‘Red Hurley’

        3. Sheikh Yabooti

          You forgot how she was denied planning permission for a two storey “garage”, and was granted single storey planning, but was shocked to return from holidays to find that the builders had got it wrong and built the two storey.

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