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Rense Web Site Promotes Anti-Semitic View (ADL)




Hello Senator Hildegarde, goodbye Brian and Fidelma (Declan Tierney, Connacht Tribune)


Give me two good reasons, etc.

Speaking to RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Galway Senator Fidelma Healy Eames [above] said she was “confused” as to why Taoiseach Enda Kenny wants to get rid of the Upper House.

Ms Healy Eames said that although she supports the idea of holding a referendum, she would not be supporting her party’s position.



Was it for this?

President Michael D Higgins has said comments he made in Croatia yesterday about Senator WB Yeats were not in any way related to the planned referendum on Seanad abolition.

He said the reference was appropriate because the poet had signed a letter to a Croatian sculptor in the 1920s as Senator WB Yeats.


Yeah, that’s what they all say

President Higgins says Senator WB Yeats comments not linked to Seanad debate (RTE)

(Laura Hutton?Photocall Ireland)



Bewildered writes:

Twenty one years on and still a small band of fundamentalists are embarrassing the country on the international stage.
The Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution in 1992 was a failed proposal to disregard suicide as a reason for an abortion.
This was followed by the proposed Twenty-fifth Amendment in 2002 which also failed on the same terms.
Numerous opinion polls have shown popular support for legislation for the X case and yet here we find ourselves…


Fine Gael TDs at “war” over abortion (Fiach Kelly, Irish Independent)

(Channel 4)



Fine Gael Senator Fidelma Healy Eames at the oireachtas hearing on social media.

Fidelma Healy Eames: “There is absolutely responsibility on parents and educators, but they cannot keep up with it. Take, for example, the form called ‘fraping’, where you’re raped on Facebook. Where a youngster has their status open and another person puts a message on there, as if they wrote it. And that message could be, for example, sexual. It goes out into the world as if they said it. This type of thing has to stop. There has to be some controls put in place here.
What about sexting? Where they are texting sexual images. Now I heard recently that that is a criminal offence. Can you verify that, Minister (Pat Rabbitte)? I also heard recently that no matter what you do on the internet, you leave a digital footprint and even if those images are erased, that they can be, or images, or text messages, is it true that they can be, em, found again? I want to ask you that question. Because everybody needs to work together here: parents, teachers, the youngsters.
And I believe, until we have a system minister, similar to what we have with the Press Ombudsman, for the print media and the broadcast media, we need some type of set of guidelines. We need some type of report, place to report it to. We do need to know that there’s sanctions there. I believe that, until we have that, the public aren’t going to be adequately educated or protected. And, minister, would you see it within your remit, minister, your responsibility, to ensure that there’s a set of guidelines there for people who have been hurt and damaged by social media. I am particularly thinking of our youngsters.
And somebody else referred to counsellors in schools. Well may I now say this to you, minister. I am quite familiar with counsellors, who are very, very busy because they’re trying to work with the youngsters that have been hurt as a result of abusive social media. So I absolutely take the good on board but while, no, I really want to say this, while the good is happening, around freedom…”

Chairman: “I know..but it’s for questions, now. We’re on very limited time.”

Healy Eames: “I’m finishing on this. We need to ensure that the abuse isn’t greater than the good, in the terms of the damage. And my final question, minister, is can we have a situation here where an identity, the identity of every user is registered with an IP address in this country? I am familiar with where IPs were registered in the United States and they couldn’t be tracked down. So thank you (chairman) for that opportunity.”

Script by Chris Morris.

Thanks Oireachtas Retort



As Broadsheet ricksmith John Moynes so sagely noted (in his classic August 2, 2012 Limerick):

Life’s coming apart at the seams,
For Senator Healy Eames.
By car or by train,
She can barely explain,
Her poorly planned cash-saving schemes,

Senator Fined For Repeatedly Driving Without Road Tax (Irish Independent)