Occupy NCAD


ncad ncad2

This afternoon.

Students occupying the board room and staff room at the National College of Art and Design, Thomas Street, Dublin concerned at the commercial direction of college management.

Can we open a window here?

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Pic: Paula Geraghty and USI ireland

Meanwhile, In London: Students occupy Central St Martins in protest against cuts (Guardian)

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24 thoughts on “Occupy NCAD

  1. Mr. T.

    Is this Declan McGonagle of Letterkenny 1989-91 fame?

    There were a series of student union meetings regarding him there too. Had to be held in secret.

  2. declan

    Fair play, I’ve alot of time for people concerned with their education – though I hope people will realise that compromise works too

  3. FK

    The bloke in the foreground of the first picture is taking part in Occupy Nostril. Dirty fecker!

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