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From 3pm until 11pm.

At the Harry Clarke lecture theatre in the National College of Art & Design on Thomas Street, Dublin 8.

The Creative Time Summit in Miami, Florida – an annual presentation of the world’s leading socially engaged artists and activists – will be live streamed.

From 6pm until 7.30pm.

There will be a live panel discussion on the theme of ‘Resisting displacement and violence’ with community worker and housing activist John Bissett (chair); artist and educator Fiona Woods; artist and co-director at A4 Sound Studios; Lisa Crowne, Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture in UCD Orla Hegarty; and activist for migrant communities Lucky Khambule.

They will be discussion, among other matters, the current housing crisis,  and the “growing resistance to the stark effects of inadequate policies for social and affordable housing and lack of equitable development in Dublin”.

Register for free tickets here

Creative Time Summit


Bare is a magazine based in the National College of Art & Design, Dublin that aims to show the “breadth of talent and dedication present in students and recent graduates”.

Conor Foran writes:

I am the Co-Editor of Bare,  After a very successful first issue and launch in 2016, we have decided to create a second issue which will launch in the NCAD Gallery this May.

We would be thrilled if you could share our  video (above) crowdfunding campaign (at link below) as a way of sharing the talent and dedication of the students of NCAD, Bare Magazine aims to show the future of creativity in Dublin.

Bare Magazine (Indiegogo)



Have you a cup of sugar 30 seconds to spare?

Paget McCormack writes:

I’m a masters student in the National College of Art and Design [Dublin] and I’m in the middle of designing a service to help revive the traditional neighbourhood. I’m trying to get an idea of what information people would be happy to share with their neighbours. I would be very grateful if some of your readers could help me out by completing this very, VERY short survey.

Let’s Revive The Neighbourhood


Joseph Darrer writes:

I’m an interaction design masters student in NCAD [National College of Art and Design] and I’m starting out on a project looking in to the current renting process in Ireland and seeing how we can apply our magic skills to solve some of the biggest pain points for people when trying to rent.
I have a VERY short survey which would be fantastic if some of your readers would be happy to contribute to.


Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 09.57.54

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 09.58.25


NCAD student Shane Berkery, above, and a nude diptych he created of himself and the director of the National College of Art and Design, Professor Declan McGonagle

Joe Humphries, in the Irish Times, reports:

“The National College of Art and Design (NCAD) has rejected claims of censorship after a student withdrew an image depicting its director, Prof Declan McGonagle, in the nude from an end-of-term exhibition.”

“NCAD confirmed that management representatives met the student last Monday and advised him “about both the appropriateness of showing the image in the college and the responsibilities that come with making the image public”. However, in a statement, NCAD said it did not order the student to withdraw the painting.”

Saying the diptych – of himself and Mr McGonagle both nude –  was made in protest against the way the college is run, Shane told the Irish Times:

“I painted Declan because I was not happy with the college, and I painted myself as an equal. So I was putting myself through the same thing. I don’t want to ridicule Declan. I don’t want to bully him or anything.”

“I was very pressured. They kept saying I needed to think about the consequences. So I said, okay, it’s definitely going to be more trouble than it’s worth – so take it down and put a different one up.

“It’s not particularly offensive. The whole point of doing art is doing that kind of stuff and creating a dialogue.”

NCAD rejects censor claim over withdrawal of nude from show (Irish Times)

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Pics: Shane Berkery


Further to ongoing protests among students at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin

Seanán Kerr writes:

So with NCAD being in the news and all that here’s something that suddenly has become somewhat topical.

Firstly I see some articles about students questioning the worth of their degrees, this is a good question, I was asking it ten years ago, back when the college was (relatively) flush with funding, but students demanding essentially the same education I got, frankly aren’t being demanding enough.

Speaking to staff and students over the years you hear two types of problem, old ones and new ones, it’s the new ones that have captured the ire of the moment, but it’s the old ones that grate the most, as they are specific and particular to art college itself.

So here’s a proposition, based on experience of art college (including a year in the Union), the art world, a few trips around the entreprenurial ecosystem merry-go-round, research, experience etc.

I gave the talk (above) in October 2014, sketched out the programme over the Summer after hearing the same old complaints, but worse, from people in the place.It remains, to my mind, very doable (2016 anyone?)

It’s essentially an ‘art-up’ accelerator, but that’s a horrible term to call anything so I call it ‘Special Circumstance’ instead (little tribute there to Iain M. Banks).

Would be interested to know what YOUR READERS think of it as a concept (yes I know it’s a bit on the long side, but it does contain jokes, some by a famous comedian), you can skip the intro stuff at 3.13 (unless you want to hear the very nice Dr. Paul O’Brien say some very nice things or see me swear a few times trying to get the projector to work).


Previously: Supporting The Students of NCAD

ncad21ncadA sit in at the NCAD college boardroom this week (top)

As academics in Ireland and those working abroad, we write to express our solidarity with the students currently taking action at the National College of Art and Design [Dublin. We are concerned by the continued corporatisation that has consumed higher education in recent years. This has led to shortsighted management decisions based on little more than a drive to ‘balance the books’.
We urgently need another model of what higher education might be – one guided by the pursuit of learning rather than the pursuit of profit, driven by radical enquiry rather than bogus metrics, and committed to creating a space in which everyone who teaches, works and learns is afforded the entitlement and responsibility of equality. The students who are now taking action at NCAD, like those elsewhere in Europe right now, are committed to exploring the possibility of that other model. We give them our support at this time.

Mairead Enright, University of Kent
Eoin O’Mahony, St. Patrick’s College / DCU
Dr Patrick Bresnihan, Maynooth University
Zoë Lawlor, University of Limerick
Dr Jones Irwin, St Patrick’s College / DCU
Dr Sinead Kennedy, Maynooth University
Dr James Carr, University of Limerick
Dr Kylie Jarrett, Maynooth University
Dr Audrey Bryan, St Patrick’s College / DCU
Bryan Wall, University College Cork
Aggelos Panayiotopoulos, University of Limerick
Dr Charles Travis, Trinity College Dublin
Dr Henry Silke, DCU
Dr Rory Hearne, Maynooth University
Dr Gavan Titley, Maynooth University
Rory Rowan, University of Zurich
Illan Wall, University of Warwick
Aileen O’Carroll, Maynooth University.


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ncad ncad2

This afternoon.

Students occupying the board room and staff room at the National College of Art and Design, Thomas Street, Dublin concerned at the commercial direction of college management.

Can we open a window here?

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Pic: Paula Geraghty and USI ireland

Meanwhile, In London: Students occupy Central St Martins in protest against cuts (Guardian)


Further to this.

Students present their demands to Declan McGonagle, Director of the National College of Art and Design [NCAD] in Dublin.

The undergraduates complain of a shift in ideology by college management toward revenue-chasing that has left “students abandoned and alumni disillusioned about the value of their degrees and the future of contemporary art and design in Ireland.”

A petition and list of demands here

Previously: Meanwhile At NCAD

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