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Dougal of VotewithUs writes:

Roscommon artist Anne Rigney  talks about imagining an Ireland where all are not equal i.e. now. Anne wants her son, Daragh, and his partner, Lior, to have the same rights as her daughter, Cara. She has written a short piece asking other parents to imagine being in a situation like hers and the result is a reflective and thought-provoking call for any parent to vote Yes in May…


Vote With Us

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10 thoughts on “Vote With Anne

  1. newsjustin

    She lost me at “here’s a poem I’ve written”…..but I did listen up till then.

  2. zackersetu

    Lads will ye stop being so effing cynical! I accept that some of you are incapable of anything more, but please appreciate the sentiment and the effort, try not to just be ignorant for the sake of it!!

    I say well done to her.

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