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This morning.

Julius Caesar, ‘JC’, a loggerhead turtle is being repatriated to Gran Canaria today aboard Aer Lingus flight EI 782.

Via RTE:

JC was discovered on a Donegal beach in January 2019, just 9 months old, suffering from hypothermia and malnourished. Today, 3 years old and weighing 25KG, JC will travel in a specially designed crate in the Aer Lingus cabin to a wildlife sanctuary in Gran Canaria where he will be monitored closely over the coming days before being released into the sea. Loggerhead turtles are an endangered species and thrive in a warm climate.

Turtle, rescued as a shell-shocked baby, jets off to Spanish sun (RTE)

Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

This morning.

Ryanair tweetz:

Mara the turtle was blown by Storm Lorenzo all the way from the Canary Islands to Galway, Ireland earlier this month.

Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium has been nursing Mara back to health and asked if we could help.

We’re delighted to say she’ll be returning home on board with us very soon.

Mara will be a very special passenger on our Cork to Gran Canaria flight on November 4th along with two members of the Oceanworld team – ensuring she’s returned to the warm waters she needs to survive.

In fairness.

Efforts under way to return turtle to warmer waters (RTÉ, October 2)