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A poster for a debate on same sex marriage which took place in Dublin City University last night

Fluffybiscuits writes:

“Been chatting to a few friends who attended the debate on same sex marriage in DCU last night. What was said to me was that there was a comment made by the No side which appeared to say that they would attack the Yes side through saying the government is trying to change the meaning of gender through the wording of the same sex marriage referendum. Can anyone shed any light on this?”


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24 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Jonotti

    Get the most useless of both sides of the argument, and stick them in a room to allow them to debate. Nobody has respect for Zappone or Mills or Mullen or Lyons. The referendum will be decided by those who bother to do the real slog work.

    1. ahjayzis

      You know, I could list things like the KAL case, the fact Zappone is out literally every night canvassing voters, the fact she and Anne-Louise have been the face of marriage equality struggle for the past ten years, but honestly I won’t bother, I know you don’t let things like facts get in the way of your narrowminded bullshit.

      1. Jonotti

        And I could list the fact that Zappone said horrible things about the people of Jobstown, that Zappone is an unelected Senator, that she draws a salary from the taxpayer as an unelected public representative, that Zappone has consistently voted for in the Senate for austerity measures that harm the general population but leave her wealthy friends untouched. Zappone is only respected by elements of the chattering classes, she knows that herself, that’s why she’d never run in a democratic election.

          1. Jonotti

            You rebuted nothing last time. She’s voted for austerity, she’s an unelected Senator, she wouldn’t have a chance in a democratic election, she claims a salary and generous expenses for being an unelected Sentator, she’s deeply unpopular in the non-chattering classes of the LGBT community, where she has a reputation of being a self-serving so and so.

          2. ahjayzis

            I’m unelected and claim a salary – unelected senators are still constitutional senators, rightly or wrongly. I actually prefer the appointed and university senators from different parts of Irish life like business, education etc., which real experience, than retired TD’s serving out their pension time / aspiring TD’s auditioning and doing as their told.

            She’s not a politician, so I doubt she’s interested in running for elections.

            As for whether she’s flavour of the month with Jonotti’s friends, I don’t know and can’t comment on – if you’re speaking more broadly I’d love to see whatever poll you conducted, but I suspect you suffer from DeValeraism, in thinking a large percentage of the population think exactly as you want them to think – do you know what the Irish people think by looking into your own heart?
            Because I do too, and it’s a fact that 98% of the population believe Katherine is a total ledgebag.

          3. Paula

            You need to get out more. Zappone has zero-credibility in the LGBT community, bar those who are government appointees. Hence Zappone never running for a democratic election decided by the whole people, she knows she’s not taken seriously or considered an honest person.

    1. Jordofthejungle

      Bruce Arnold cares. He has been desperately trying to make this more of a prominent focus – and of course incest, his speciality subject.

      It may not matter to you but for some it is yet another tiresome window-dressed Chicken Licken argument to rebut. The gays have fierce power all the same: destroying society and changing gender.

    1. Mysterymeat

      I was there. He ran out of arguments towards the end of his speech and recited Seamus Henry’s “While they were away at mass”, saying that if there were gay marriage, the boy is the poem wouldn’t have had a mother to peel spuds with.
      Thankfully an audience contributors towards the end asked the good senator “What’s to say it wasn’t his other mother that was away at mass?”
      many lols followed.

  2. Lorcan Nagle

    OK, this is the last straw. I know I was back to voting no after the choral music, but this really is the last straw. If they’re going to resort to such facile logical fallacies, I’m voting yes.

    1. newsjustin

      *Waits for yes side to release youtube of interpretive dance routine entitled “One love, one movement, one vision”*

  3. Stephanenny

    I was there, tbf that’s not really something I think they said. There is a very long list of other utterly daft things they did say that I could offer as an alternative though.

    For example Mullen’s two minute monologue regarding same sex couples as parents, he see-sawed on about how children’s rights transcend sociological data but the data doesn’t support either side but data is important and Frances Fitzgerald said we should disregard the data and that’s disgraceful but really this is about children’s rights and not about data.

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