Karl’s Irish iPhone and Apple Watch App of The Day: Rothar


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Colm Doyle writes:

When I started using dublinbikes more frequently, I couldn’t really find an app that ticked all the boxes for me. Some were focused on showing me a map, others wanted to show me a big long list of really small text that didn’t really make it clear what the situation was in terms of bikes or stands. And forget trying to use the website on your phone when you’re running around town looking for a bike.

Frustrated, I decided to just build my own. I focused on what I find to be the most common situations

It shows you the important details about a station in a giant numbers – How many bikes, how many stands? The list is sorted according to my current location, so I get the more relevant stations at the top. I can mark stations as favourites and show just those ones, again, with the important information highlighted.

If a station gets closed for maintenance (which happens more often than you might think), then I instantly get a notification to let me know and I can plan accordingly.

Rothar is available on the Apple App Store for free.

Do you have an Irish app (especially an Android one)? Let us know: Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

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13 thoughts on “Karl’s Irish iPhone and Apple Watch App of The Day: Rothar

  1. Blublu

    Colm, you are a hero. Is there an android version? Also did Dublin Bikes just agree to let you have the realtime info? What a joke that they didn’t build their own!

  2. Colm Doyle

    @Blublu / @Clampers – No android version yet, it’s been years since I touched Android. But I did build it all in such a way that I’ll hopefully get around to one.

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