24 thoughts on “Slippery Slope

    1. ahyeah

      That’s not tippex. It’s not unusual for great artists to reach elevated levels of exitement when they finish a great piece.

    2. Mick Flavin

      @Hoop: You cute hoor, you miss nothing. Tippex was down to an annoying grammatical error.

  1. Gers

    Genuine question, how do you guys feel about polygamous marriage? Next logical step to have equality with our Muslims brothers, right?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Having two partners sounds perfectly reasonable and interesting. Any more than that would be just unmanageable, and probably very expensive too.

    2. St. John Smythe

      what’s that? …listen …. listen… there it is again, it’s the rustle of a strawman clumsily trying to clamber his way into the comment thread.

    3. ReproBertie

      A man can have children with more than one woman and a woman can have children with more than one man. If some collection of those men and women and their children all live in the same house and are one big happy family then why can’t the adults all marry should they chose to? Even if there are no children involved, why is marriage limited to two people? There’s no law, that I know of, to stop 3 or more people living together so what’s the big deal?

    4. Anon

      I understand there is a requirement to be able to adequately support all wives. Not sure how that works in practice though.

  2. Joe the Lion

    I thought the horse one was quite good Mick but the second one is a bit obvious to be honest, not really funny.

    1. Anon

      I think what the No campaign is suggesting is that the referendum could possibly maybe mean (even if all other things were equal, which they rarely are) that a homosexual couple could be given precedence over a heterosexual couple in adoption cases.

      I don’t think most people care what combination of two people are parents, but since we already have gay parents and we already allow single parent adoption it is still missing the point.

  3. Grosse Bite

    I like…
    I thought…
    I think…

    All you Bullsheet commenters are the same…No backbone.
    ….looking for approval, acceptance into the gang.

    How many of you will actually get up off your fat asses and get out and vote?

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