This morning.

Brian O’Donnell leaves Gorse Hill, Killiney, Co Dublin following the defeat of his final legal challenge against eviction yesterday.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)





Mr O’Donnell at the the Bank of Ireland AGM at UCD’s Reilly Hall, to ceremoniously hand back the keys to Gorse Hill to BOI’s top brass Richie Boucher (above left) and Archie Kane (right).

Fair play, in fairness.

(Sasko Lazarov)

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39 thoughts on “Dunlawyerin’

    1. McKay

      You mean the rebranded Mondeo? It’s a sad state of affairs. He’ll bounce back though, I know it.

        1. McKay

          Eh? I thought the X-type was based on the Ford Mondeo platform – this was when Ford owned Jaguar and wanted common development platforms across brands to reduce costs.

    1. Mick Flavin

      I’m sure he has paid it; He’s obsessively careful about that kind of thing. They don’t call him “Anal Beades” for nothing.

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        I will just as soon as I collect my “An Officer and a Gentleman” costume from the dry cleaners.

    1. newsjustin

      He should have waited until the AGM was in full swing for maximum drama.

      Good luck to them.

      1. B Bop

        He looked like a confused caretaker leaving the keys on Boucher’s desk before the AGM started – after all the gate drama & Vinnie Brown hilarity -they should have been booted out of that house years ago.
        70mill in overdrawn egos!

    2. ahyeah

      For people who’ve been moaning about the unwanted media attention, that was an odd little publicity stunt to pull. Methinks the O’Donnells are loving the attention.

      1. Owen

        100% Now talking about going to the European Courts of Human Rights. Poor attention seeking poverty stricken souls.

        1. The Old Boy

          Luckily, the ECHR throws out most cases at committee stage, at great cost of time and expense to the applicant. Hurrah for justice!

  1. BenTen

    He’s a bit of a bollocks or whatever, but to be fair, following him into the bank for that snap is a pretty crappy thing to do.

  2. ahjayzis

    I hope the McVerry Trust have been in contact about emergency accommodation. There but for the grace of jaysus go us all.

  3. postmanpat

    wait, these keys don’t work!!! the locks have been changed now a Isle of Man shell company called Vico own the house.

    1. Lilly

      The clock is ticking on his 15 minutes. Bet he’s wishing he became a celebrity chef rather than a dowdy ole solicitor. Or lawyer as Blakey would have it. He could court the meeja gangbusters and claim it was good for business.

  4. Kieran NYC

    “We’ve been in court 82 times and we have lost 82 times, statistically impossible, we’re appealing to the ECHR.”

    Fupp him, and fupp everyone who supports him.

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