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  1. Grouse

    Looks nice and green. Shape makes sense if you want to get as much natural light into the rooms as possible.

    1. Grouse

      Taking IMMA as an example, the idea of building hospitals around an open central area is not new! But I guess if you stop to not think about it, it might look a bit like the Lansdowne stadium whenever you’re in a helicopter.

  2. Vote Rep #1

    Looks nice. Lots of windows, lots of light, greenery where the kids can go that is safe in the hospital grounds.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      That green area, mostly to the NE(?) / left of pic, is to be kept green for now, but is intended as space for expansion in the future with the main green area being in the building itself, on the 4th floor roof.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Yep…. some other points…

    – It’ll be 7 stories high.
    – It is oval.
    – Underground car park entrance at Mount Browne.
    – ‘Inside the oval’ comes up to the 4th floor, while the ‘walls’ go to 7 floors.
    – There’ll be a roof garden on the 4th floor. The intention of this is that parents and children will have a space in which to relax while never having to leave the hospital. The garden will be just shy of the size of a football pitch, inside the walls of the building’s further three stories. A bit like a closed court yard.

    I’ve been to their open days, there’s one on today… details here….
    New Children’s Hospital ‘Drop In’ Information session:

    Thursday 30th April 2015
    F2 Centre,Reuben Plaza, Dublin 8

    Directions to F2 Centre:
    The F2 Centre is situated in the middle of the Herberton development and is easily accessible, a two minute walk, from the Fatima stop on the Luas Red Line. From there, simply cross the road at the pedestrian crossing at the luas stop, follow the road straight until you see Herberton Leisure (1 min). The F2 Centre is just to your right beside Cafe Togo @F2 and facing the outdoor all weather pitch and children’s play area. You can approach the F2 centre on foot from Reuben Street (off James’s walk/Dolphin’s Barn and St. Anthony’s Road) or (off James’s Walk/South Circular Road).

    I’d presume that’s where the pic was taken. Well worth a look in.

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