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Minister for Health Simon Harris

When questioned by your paper about the massive cost increase for the new children’s hospital, Minister for Health Simon Harris wasted no time in taking the high moral ground and stating that he “will make no apology for extending our children’s care”.

With the decision today of 95 per cent of the members of the INMO to strike for a pay increase, is he therefore qualifying that statement by adding, “so long as I don’t have to pay staff”?

Regrettably, the Minister is all too quick to avoid any effort to provide justification to the taxpayers of this country for the out-of-control situation with the new hospital project.

Why does he provide a blank cheque to the hospital project while at the same time telling us that he cannot afford to pay the very people needed to operate such hospitals? He’ll stand over any cost – except nursing cost – really?

T Gerard Bennett,
Co Westmeath.

Paying nurses and the INMO strike (The Irish Times letters page)


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar TD and the Minister for Health Simon Harris with Eilish Hardiman, Chief Executive, Children’s Hospital Group and sisters Ashlegh Isabel and Matilda Kiernan and James Mohan at official sod turning ceremony at the Paediatric Outpatients and Urgent Care Centre at Connolly Hospital last week

Anon writes:

Am I the only one that thinks there is a sinister explanation of the name of the new Children’s Hospital ‘The Phoenix’.

That name is not simply a quaint metaphor from history.

It has active and occulted meanings in Freemasonry, Satanism and a range of esoteric sub cultures.

In ‘The Secret History of the IRA’ Ed Moloney points out that Gerry Adams and Co. selected it as the logo of then then young Provisionals…


To quote Jordan Maxwell:

“The Purpose of Signs and Symbols. Signs and symbols are not merely for decoration or random meaningless marks without purpose. Signs and symbols have real, specific and precise meanings. Also, signs and symbols usually have ONE PURPOSE — to identify, and the identification is expressed in two ways — (1) by showing ownership, and (2) by showing direction.”

Seems clear to me that our very own ‘deep state’ just spoke.

And nobody suspects a thing?


Medical boards unhappy with proposed children’s hospital name (RTÉ)


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This afternoon.

Dublin 8.

Fine Gael Minister for Health, Simon Harris (above centre, holding small red shovel) with JobBridge tykes, from left: James Stack, Grace Cawley, Adam Kelly and Isabell, marking the “commencement of the first phase of construction” of the new Children’s Hospital at St James’s Hospital.

Not a meaningless photo opportunity then.




This morning.

Dolphin’s Barn, Dublin 8.

Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government Simon Coveney with Dolphin’s Barn residents Veronica Lally (right) and Debra Mulhall, announcing details – already widely known – of the Regeneration Scheme for Dolphin’s Barn.

It’s almost as if there’s a Fine Gael leadership campaign underway or something.


Clarea) Yes

b) No

c) Paul Mariner

If you answered a) or even c) you are cordially invited to a traditional pub quiz to be held in aid of the Children’s Hospital in Crumlin at the Rathmines Inn, Rathmines, Dublin, on Saturday, November 23, 2013.

The cost is €10 per person, with four people per table.

The night will include music, ‘nibbles’, ‘spot prizes’ and a very high chance of a tombola-style raffle.

More here


Thanks Kevin Byrne

In south Dublin.

Minister Reilly said €26m “has gone not to be recovered” after the Mater site was turned down.He said the hospital will cost over €500m to build and that the planning risks at St James’s were moderate.Ultimately, the minister said there would be tri-location with a maternity hospital.


National Children’s Hospital to be located at St James’s Hospital (RTE)