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Ice-cream tycoons and general do-gooders Ben & Jerry’s wade in on the upcoming marriage referendum.

Elaine Verdon writes:

“Ahead of the vote, we’ve created a YES video in the hope of inspiring fans to use their vote. Through a series of scenarios from college to work, to the stage, to sport and more we’re literally spelled out how many times people say YES everyday and how easy it is to just say YES in the referendum on May 22nd.” 

*plunges flake into 99*

Ben & Jerry’s

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22 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Month

  1. Jonotti

    Ah, Ben and Jerry, how wonderful. And yet they viciously denounce the living wage campaign in the USA.

    1. declan

      Proof please, from what I remember they were one of the original proponents of fair wage scales and living wage. They sold their company but if it’s changed that drastically I’d be surprised

        1. declan

          you do realise if I type in “vacines” and “autism” into google I’ll come back with “proof” of vacination causing autism. Do you want to provide proof or be one of these people who just make random statements and can’t be bother to support them

          1. declan

            apologies but there is alot of people just making random statements and not supporting them – let’s raise the tone, other it’s the journal

        2. declan

          I’m not sure why my follow on comments didn’t post but can you provide more than that. I can see them paying $16 an hour in Vermount. The main thing is that people make statements but don’t support them. It’s like the journal or something

          1. Jonotti

            Ok, CIO policy documents on Arizona, New Mexico, etc., Ben and Jerrys specifically mentioned.

    2. munkifisht

      Awful attitude. Everyone has to believe everything I believe or their a bunch of d**ks.

    1. Der

      B&J are not a nice, fluffy NGO, they are a company and like all companies are only concerned with creating value for their shareholders.
      The have however been involved in drawing attention to the idea of Marriage Equality for quite some time, which of course at the same time associates their brand with someone other than coronary heart disease.

      1. rotide

        in fairness to them they do seem to have a history with the issue so i retract my bandwagoning comment.

        Nice video so.

  2. Jane

    Are they giving a tub of ice cream if you vote yes? It wouldn’t influence my vote, but I’d like a tub of ice cream.

  3. Chewbacca

    Another another case of Thinkhouse PR ‘connecting brands to youth communities’ . Cause marketing is grand like but B&J/THPR do it too much. Cause hi-jacking springs to mind. Completely inauthentic.

  4. yourawinker

    Cause hi-jacking indeed! what a load of poo! Thinkhouse getting paid to make a brand look shallow and insincere then have a desperately insincere ‘YES’ party. Clinging on to cause to try and keep their brand in with the kids.

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