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Ice-cream tycoons and general do-gooders Ben & Jerry’s wade in on the upcoming marriage referendum.

Elaine Verdon writes:

“Ahead of the vote, we’ve created a YES video in the hope of inspiring fans to use their vote. Through a series of scenarios from college to work, to the stage, to sport and more we’re literally spelled out how many times people say YES everyday and how easy it is to just say YES in the referendum on May 22nd.” 

*plunges flake into 99*

Ben & Jerry’s


He would ask Ben to whip it up.

For the day what’s in it.

Kirsten writes:

In light of the Constitutional Convention making its report on marriage equality today. and since we’re supposed to have a hot and sunny weekend, your readers might like this!


Ben & Jerrys have temporarily re-named Mint Chocolate Chunk to EngageMint Party to, says Ben, “encourage everyone across Ireland to take action now on this important civil rights issue”.

Also: Jerry? Dumped?

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