Duck’s Weather And Lose Method



This just gin.

Gilbey’s Bar tent  (above) at the Ireland Vs England one day cricket  international in Malahide Cricket Club.

England have yet to bat but Ireland were 56 for four in 18 overs (not very good) before tay rain stopped play.

The game could resume at 5.37pm, said a man in a white coat.


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Pics via Tim

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16 thoughts on “Duck’s Weather And Lose Method

    1. Odis

      I once met a Welshman who told me Cricket was the greatest game in the world.
      He told me, “The only way to watch it is with is laid back in the sun, with a newspaper over your face and a six pack of beer by your side. Sound advice.
      I put it to you that you don’t understand Cricket properly.

  1. phil

    Suppose this will sound bitter, but if it was an IW protest some people would be asking have the no work to go to …

    1. ReproBertie

      Ireland are batting first. They have scored 56 runs but have lost 4 batsmen. 18 overs (each over is 6 balls) have been completed of the 50 that each side were supposed to get. They are hoping the rain will stop so that they may continue. If the rain stops by 5.37 they will continue at a restricted 20-overs each.

        1. Zarathustra

          To lose one batsman may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose four looks like carelessness.

  2. Sheila

    Rain was down for the day when it started falling. It was expected. Fair play to all the folk who made the effort going anyway, especially those from down the country.

    And for those wondering, I took leave from work to go.

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