We have a winner.

Puzzle-nuzzling reader John E Bravo was the first to correctly solve our Poetry Day Ireland crossword (answers below) from yesterday.

John wins a bespoke Limerick (below) from ‘rick machine John Moynes tucked into a copy of the Seamus Heaney edition of Poetry Ireland Review.

A Limerick for John E Bravo

A commenter called John E B,
Who I’ve heard’s well versed in poetry,
Was the first one to choose,
To solve all the clues,
About poets, expressed cryptically.

John Moynes

Bravo Maestro.

Thanks all.

Across: Ode; Dán; Keats; Quatrain; Butler; Longly (sic – Longley); Faber; Pearse; Boland; Haiku
Down: Seamus Heaney; Dedalus (sic: that’s his Da); T S Eliot; Inishfree; Burns; Gallery; Kavanagh; Salmon.

Thanks Moira Cardiff

14 thoughts on “Solved!

    1. Paul

      That’s patched up now Annie, thanks for your close reading!
      I’d prefer Yeats’s, but the free software is free for a reason.

  1. Zarathustra

    A limerick penned in your name, Bravo; how will you ever live with fame and status this brings?

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