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Fr Brian O Fearraigh


The second cleric in our popular series.

Meet Fr Dreamboat.

“I’m of the belief that this referendum is purely a civil question and that the State cannot discriminate against its citizens.

This Civil Marriage constitutional referendum in my opinion, is about giving statutory recognition and protection, irrespective of sex, to the relationships of all people who publicly want such recognition by the State, nothing more, nothing less.

I don’t believe that a yes vote will actively impact children’s well being. What is important, irrespective of the family configuration that children are a part of, and I think we all recognise that there are many different kinds of family formations, is that every child is valued, loved and accepted”

Fr Brian O Fearraigh,  SqueeGweedore, Co Donegal.

Did he just say something?

*loosens collar*

Yes Equality Donegal (Facebook)

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24 thoughts on “Priests For Yes

  1. ABM

    He’ll be getting called up to Letterkenny soon enough. But not for the reasons he might think…

    I’d say he’ll be a curate in Gweedore for the rest of his life. Should give him more than enough time to think about it.

    1. bisted

      …poor guy…free serviced house…cook, gardener, housekeeper…fully expensed car, phone…good tips…under spiritual house arrest on the wild Atlantic coast…and he could have got a nice job in the bank.

  2. Stephanenny

    Not sure which is more shocking about this yes voter, that he’s a Catholic priest or that he’s from Donegal!

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