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Independent TD Catherine Murphy, top, and Tánaiste Joan Burton in Dáil this morning

This morning, during Order of Business in the Dáil, Kildare North Independent TD Catherine Murphy told Tánaiste and Labour leader Joan Burton that she is experiencing major delays in receiving replys to Freedom of Information requests that she has sent to the Department of Finance.

She also said she received one FOI response two weeks after a newspaper obtained the exact same FOI response – even though they were due to receive them at the same time.

Catherine Murphy: “The programme for Government included a commitment to introduce new Freedom of Information legislation, which it did, and my understanding is that it also, it also allows for a review of that legislation. Tánaiste, I have put in Freedom of Information requests into the Department of Finance and I’ve got to say that I’m really unhappy with the way the legislation is playing out.”

I was due to have responses about the same time as responses to the same questions were given to a journalist. Two weeks later, I got them, the exact same pieces of Freedom of Information. I’ve other material that I’m waiting, that’s overdue by weeks. I’ve gone through the appropriate channels, making the complaints and they’re not being provided to me. I’m not being given an explanation. And I’ve got to say it’s completely unsatisfactory.”

“Will you consider strengthening the legislation, if it’s found not to be working and if there is evidence that this is not working, at an earlier date, will you bring in a review before the term of this government is concluded, thank you.”

Joan Burton: “Well, we’ve just very significantly strengthened and expanded and restored the remit of the Freedom of Information Act and, certainly, I’m not aware of the details of what you’re complaining about – I will certainly refer that to the Minister for Finance for comment and reply to you. But what I think is also important and what this government has, as a policy, is to have a more open information society whereby, rather than having people request information, solely through the Freedom of Information Act, that as much information as possible is actually published. I don’t know about the specific incident you’re referring to, Deputy. So, as I say, I’ll refer it to the Minister for Finance for further comment and reply to you.”

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6 thoughts on “Catherine The Wait

  1. Mr. T.

    I don’t think there’s ever been an Irish government so undemocratic and so generally disrespectful of the citizen and normal democratic processes.

    FG/Lab have to go and ideally sooner than later or else we force them out.

  2. Soupynorman

    It feels like FG/Lab are forgetting the fact they can actually be honest with us because it was Fianna Fails balls up that caused them to have to introduce property tax, water charges, getting taxed to the ballix.

    However FG just have a stench of corruption on them that they are desperately trying to wash off and I think and hope the brillo pads are running out.

    I really hope Catherine stumbles on that one nugget that links it all together and points the finger all the way to the top (no not the Whitehouse), to Kenny.

    I think the next election will be the most interesting of all time as I would hope that the people now see that that Old Guard will never ever change their corrupted, festered gangrenous spots.

    I’m voting for Kodos.

  3. Odis

    Love the Menstruation jokes in the Post above (with no comment allowed) Chompsky.

    It’s nice to see Broadsheet providing a few sophisticated giggles for its female readership.

    Inclusive like.

  4. Truth in the New

    Noonan has dozed off hiding behind a chinaese wall, would we not all
    run for cover if we had to put up with Buton’s hyena like whining,
    Yes they are inept, and power has corrupted them in one term where it took
    years to achieve it with FF…..they have also convinced them selves that
    we have’t found out yet…..indeed they might go for an election, leaving it
    to next year with 1916 being remembered could have fatal consequences.
    Them implermenting of fast FOI responses or responding to them in a fair
    and honest way….forget it…..who protects the public interest independently.

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